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RFID automated traceability with Blockchain Backbone - Alysidia

How we matched BPM, RFID, and Blockchain

Use our platform to model and control your supply chain.

Close gaps along the process and integrate with hardware and software tools.

Make the information reliable and tamper-proof with our blockchain backbone.

MQ Traceability suite offers the BPM/RFID module that allows companies to model their process flow and BPM.

We have integrated RFID readers to allow automatic tracking along with the flow.

We are providing a blockchain backbone to assure a tamper-proof audit trail.

WorkFlow Modelling Business Process Module (BPM) 

MQ Traceability (BPM) module allows companies to model their internal flow defining rules and monitor the status of the product as it advances along the supply chain.


Production Workflow

Supply Chain Workflow (Eg. Orthopaedic Instruments)

Hospital Supply Chain Workflow


We have integrated our platform with RFID technology so the supply chain can be fully automated.

With our partners we provide auto identification and data collection technology solutions for the healthcare sector, to deliver streamlined solutions, utilising barcoding and RFID technology, to enable real-time visibility of the hospital situation to enable managers to optimise their decision making, as well as their bottom line.

RFID labels

E2E and Ready to deploy

We have already integrated software and hardware so you are free from integration pain and the solution is ready to deploy


  • Drastically reduce the time and cost of kit logistics
  • Shorter lead times result in the ability to fulfill more orders when fast delivery is critical
  • Time-consuming barcode scanning no longer required
  • Verification processes reduced and expedited
  • Up to 90% labor savings in dispatch and return


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