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QR Solutions for Clothing Industry - Battling Counterfeiting

Counterfeiting Challenge and the Clothing Industry

The number of clothing brands willing to incorporate QR codes is increasing day by day. The reason for this is apparent, to battle the ever-increasing counterfeiting problem in the global clothing industry. Faking fashion products in the global clothing and fashion industry is very easy. Counterfeiters copy and paste the brand’s name on their second-grade products, causing both the customers and the original brands to lose their money in the process. Not only that, but these fake products also pose significant health hazards.

Unfortunately, this fake-fashion industry has grown to such an extent that it is projected to reach the $4.2 trillion mark by 2022. On the other hand, these activities made the iconic global fashion brands lost $50 billion last year.

How do these Clothing Counterfeiters Operate?

Counterfeiters usually use Instagram and similar social media platforms to market their fake products. They do this because there are no regulatory measures to check the counterfeiting activities on these platforms. These activities have significantly increased within the recent few years, leading to profound effects on both consumers and sellers.

Alysidia’s Solution to Counterfeiting Problems

To help manufacturers counter these problems, Alysidia has come forward with two comprehensive solutions i.e.

  • Use of a QR code
  • Use of Blockchain provenance

Tackling Counterfeiting with QR Codes

The phone can be connected to the brand’s URL and social media page with a QR code. When a user scans this code, he directly gets connected to the legitimate brand owner’s URL and/or social media page. This way, the customer can determine that he has bought the original product.

Alysidia is Providing QR Codes to the Clothing Brands

Alysidia is helping maintain transparency in the clothing industry by providing clothing brands with QR codes. Currently, we are providing two services in this regard:

  1. Labels woven with QR codes
  2. Printed labels with QR codes.

Note: Manufacturers are required to ensure that the height and width of their QR codes are at least “14 mm.”

Why are QR Codes Necessary for your Clothing Brands?

QR codes are now considered as authentication tools in modern industries. They can also help your customers in connecting your brand’s physical aspects with the digital ones.

Here are some of the other ways your QR code can engage your customers with your products:

  • Your website will open by scanning the QR code, allowing the customer to know more about your brand and product
  • With QR codes, you can redirect your customers to sign up for your promotional offers
  • Customers can also use QR codes to subscribe to your newsletter directly.

Benefits of Having a QR Code for your Clothing Brand

Having a QR code can provide many benefits not only to you but also to your customers. These benefits are:

  • Being transparent about your suppliers, the origin of your products, and the production process
  • Establishing a well-versed connection between you and your customers
  • Collecting action codes for new orders
  • Coercing people to register for your newsletter
  • Gaining followers for your brand’s social media platform.

One massive benefit of QR codes on your product is that you can provide your customers with instructions (recycling/rewashing clothes) in the form of QR codes. This way, you will be able to save a lot of space.

Using Blockchain to Avoid Counterfeiting in Clothing Industry

Blockchain is not only limited to cryptocurrencies now. It has become significant storage and analytical tool globally. One of its most profound uses can be seen in the clothing manufacturing industry, preventing fake brands from replacing the real ones.

Alysidia’s Blockchain Solution to Counterfeiting Problem

The counterfeiting activities undoubtedly pose a significant threat to marketing activities and disrupt the customers’ trust. These activities ultimately pose ham to the legitimate brand. To deal with it, Alysidia has come forward with an enhanced database that can provide proof of provenance on Blockchain.

Properties of Alysidia’s Blockchain Solution

The properties of our Blockchain platform include:

  • Engaging dashboard interface for reviewing
  • The Audit Trail provides revision management on Blockchain
  • User-friendly Azure web app that is entirely cloud-based
  • Blockchain Audit Trail-based approval management
  • Ease-of-access to the stored data to the general user with the help of a simple search bar OR QR scanning
  • Availability of downloading feature.

Also, we have enhanced the security of our Blockchain by allowing only the verified users to upload or modify the data.

Reach Out to Us Today to Get your Blockchain Solution

It is important to incorporate technology to fight counterfeiters in industrial processes. To help the clothing industry deal with these problems, Alysidia has prepared state-of-the-art solutions that can offer significant help to the industry. Our QR Codes and Blockchain proof of provenance will significantly help the manufacturers secure their brands from counterfeiters’ notorious activities. Our solutions are reliable, easy to use, and cost-effective.

To learn more about Alysidia’s QR code and Blockchain solution, contact us today.

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