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e-Cert- Blockchain Tamper proof Certificate Management Tool - Alysidia

e-Certificate Solution

The Issue: Counterfeit Certificates Threat

Counterfeit certificates is a common issue in daily business, especially in time of urgent need.

Certificates are usually issued by notified bodies or third party legal entities which are authorized by the European community in the EU or specific governing authorities to perform conformity check to specific rules or standards in order to make sure a certain product is safe for its intended use.

For certain product, it is necessary to obtain such a certificate from a Notified Body before being able to apply the CE Mark on the product.

The market has seen a big wave of fake certificates being issued during the peak of the pandemic in April and May 2020.

Several alerts were made by European Community and ESF

Many manufacturers from China and the East used fake certificates in order to enter the PPE and medical device market quickly and without following the proper regulatory path.

Setting a big threat on public health and creating big confusion, making the delivery also of properly developed medical devices more complex and delayed.

Currently, there is no concrete solution to prevent certificate counterfeit and cyber manipulation of already issued certificates by criminals.

Our Solution

We have therefore developed an effective and easy-to-use certificate management tool.

The tool allows storing certificates of any kind into a safe database backed by blockchain allowing to make the certificate tamper-proof and immutable.

Using blockchain makes altering the certificate impossible for hackers or criminals.

Alysidia e-Certificate Platform Features:

  • User-friendly cloud based Azure web app
  • Cool Dashboard to review the certificate status and statistics
  • Revision management with Audit Trail on Blockchain
  • Certificate approval management with Blockchain Audit Trail
  • Certificate storage on the blockchain
  • The platform allows only authorized users to load up or change the verified certificates.
  • Easy and free access for the general user to the stored certificate by simple search bar query or QR scan
  • Download feature

Our solution is already in used by medical device companies and notified bodies.

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