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Coldchain Management Platform - Alysidia

Why Real Time monitoring of Supply Chain is Critical

Sensible product need special measures in order to be preserved during shipping and be delivered in the right status to perform their intended use.

This is particular critical in case of medical device, pharma products such as vaccine or human organs.

The pharmaceutical industry loses over $35B due to failures in temperature-controlled logistics.

It is therefore critical to be able to monitor the product real-time and all along the process.

This is important to elevate the quality of the shipping process as well as prevent product issues and provide additional value and trust.

How our platform will help

We have developed a cold chain platform that allows :

  • Monitoring of Product position via GPS sensors
  • Monitoring of Environment temperature
  • Monitoring of Environment humidity
  • RFID tagging for automated supply chain
  • Monitoring of other specific parameters

Old methods of tracking supply chain rely on:

  • ineffective paper notes,
  • complicated and difficult to update spreadsheet
  • a mix of different ERP that does not communicate to each other

We offer E2E solutions hardware and software already integrated so you are free of integration pain.

By addressing gaps in supply chain visibility medical device and pharma companies can achieve control of their supply chain and
can mitigate issues before they happen.

Why we are different from other solution

We implement a private blockchain backbone to allow tamper-proof evidence and maintain full audit trail.

  • Reduced shipment/storage losses
  • Compliance assurance
  • Control critical parameters such as GPS, temperature, humidity, etc.
  • Automate supply chain via RFID
  • Safety enhancement
  • Eliminate supply chain blind spots
  • Reduce operational and working capital costs
  • Monitor in Real-time
  • Tamper-proof evidence via blockchain audit trail
  • Seamlessly connect and communicate with all stakeholders
  • Quickly respond to customers’ needs
  • Enhance sustainability by eliminating waste

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