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Blockchain Consulting Services - Alysidia

BlockChain Customized Consulting Service

Alysidia GmbH is a Swiss Based Company.

We are a team of expert engineers and international medical device and pharma SMEs, who worked for fortune 500 companies.

We offer tailored IT & Blockchain Empowered Solutions with a focus on the following industries:

  • Medical device
  • Pharma
  • Food
  • Aviation
  • Arts & Lux

We are developing our platform and solution to comply with the standard of the highest regulated industries.

We use private blockchain already in use in bank sectors and the military field.

E2E Ready to use and Free from Integration Pain

We have developed ready to be customized tools for:

  • Medical Device and Pharma product identification (UDI identification)
  • Product Tagging via RFID chip or RFID Labels already integrated with hardware (e.g. RFID tunnel, Smart cabinets, etc..) for automated flows
  • BPM Business Process Model engine to customize and define your process and supply chain
  • Supply chain monitoring and optimization
  • Laboratory sample tracking and trace
  • Manufacturing warehouse track and trace
  • Hospital track and trace
  • Cold Chain Monitoring
  • Document Management and sharing (e.g. e-IFU)
  • Product Authenticity preservation
  • Value Chain preservation for food and lux products

We integrate the following cutting edge technologies:

  • Private Blockchain
  • Azure Cloud
  • IoT Hubs
  • RFID
  • AI

Reach out to us for reviewing your needs and evaluating together the most suitable solution.

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