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Hiring a Quality Blockchain Company in the Medical Devices Sector - A Beginner's Guide - Alysidia

April 28, 20210

Finding the right blockchain company can be very difficult sometimes. Therefore, a medical device sector industry can look upon some tips to help it in its searching process.

What to Look for While Looking for a Blockchain company


A medical device industry can outsource its work to a more significant and well-recognized blockchain service provider. However, this sort of company can be very costly, and their working style will also not be synchronized. Therefore, it is ideal to look for a smaller company to complete the blockchain task’s outsourcing. With a smaller company, it will be easy to work with more flexibility. Also, the working style of smaller companies is tough for larger firms to replicate.

Understanding Basic Requirements

Before a medical device industry should start the searching process for an ideal blockchain company, it should look at some of its basic requirements. For example, a company that is going to develop its blockchain project from the beginning should outsource those companies which offer either

  • Blockchain POC development
  • Blockchain Consulting
  • Smart Contract Development services.
Finding the Agencies

When it comes to finding the appropriate agency, google is one of the most easily accessible searching platforms out there. However, marketplaces such as UpWork can also be taken into consideration. Looking for a blockchain service provider in these types of marketplaces will help find the most appropriate blockchain company. However, it is also crucial to run these potential clients through strict scrutiny since many can manipulate their ratings on these platforms.


Before reaching any conclusion, shortlisting at least two to three companies is always better. This will help in choosing the best amongst those shortlisted companies. It is better not to perform shortlisting based on price only. Instead, shortlisting should include factors like quotes, activities, and expected outcomes.

Investigating the Potential Blockchain Company

Once shortlisted, the client medical device sector company can begin investigating and assessing the shortlisted companies. This will include:

  • The duration for which the company has been working in the blockchain industry. Choosing one with the longest expertise in this field is always the best option
  • The diversity of their projects and services
  • Checking out their blogs and social media platforms to determine their understanding of the technology
  • Their working experience with similar industries before
  • The technical expertise of their core team, work culture, and working hour adaptability, etc.

Additional Factors to Consider


From shortlisted companies, trying to choose the most budget-compliant one will help a medical device sector industry achieve its blockchain goals efficiently. A few things which can be considered while looking for a budget-compliant blockchain provider are:

  • Is the potential blockchain company showing flexibility regarding budget negotiations, and
  • Is that company able enough to provide ROI according to the budget finalized?
Supportive Behavior

A supportive behavior from a blockchain-service providing company is beneficial. Industry from the medical device sector can look upon the following traits in term of supportive behavior in a blockchain company:

  • Building client-based relations
  • Availability for regular upgrades and post-deployment support
  • Opinion of industry’s insiders about that blockchain company.

Proper discussion either by phone, through email, or in-person can also help narrow down the search for choosing the most appropriate blockchain company.

For an industry serving in the medical devices sector, finding a blockchain services provider with the traits mentioned earlier is a big deal. Fortunately, Alysidia is providing impeccable services to the medical device sector for a very long time. It has expertise in all the sectors related to the medical device manufacturing industry.

Here, the two primary blockchain services provided by Alysidia are listed:

  • RFID Automated Traceability
  • e-Cert-Blockchain Tamper Proof Certificate Management Tool.

RFID Automated Traceability

Alysidia provides its client with the “MQ Traceability Suite.” Alysidia offers BPM/RFID module, which helps companies model their process flow and BPM.

WorkFlow Modelling Business Process Module (BPM)

Alysidia’s BPM makes companies capable of modeling their internal flow by defining the product’s rules and monitoring status. All of this happens with the advancement of the product along the supply chain. Alysidia is already applying its Business Process Model to the various sectors of healthcare, such as in

  • Production workflow
  • Supply Chain Workflow (e.g., in the production of orthopedic instruments)
  • Hospital Supply Chain.
Alysidia’s RFID Module

For the sake of achieving complete supply chain automation, Alysidia uses RFID technology. This includes:

  • Data collection technology
  • Healthcare sector solutions
  • Auto-identification technology
  • Delivery of streamlined solutions
  • Utilization of barcode and RFID technology
  • Enabling real-time visibility of hospital situation
  • Enabling managers in optimizing their decision-making abilities.

With Alysidia’s RFID Automated Traceability, any medical device company can:

  • Model and control its supply chain
  • Close gaps along this process
  • Integrate its hardware and software tools
  • Make all the information reliable and tamper-proof.
E2E & Ready for Deployment

Medical device industries can be at ease if they adopt Alysidia’s blockchain services. Their hardware and software, I already integrated and ready to deploy.

Benefits of Deploying Alysidia’s Automated Supply Chain Technology
  • Significant labor savings in dispatch and return
  • Reduction and expedition in verification processes
  • No requirement of time-consuming barcode scanning
  • Exponential reduction in kit logistics’ time and support
  • Ability to complete more orders during the demand of fast deliveries.

e-Cert-Blockchain Tamper Proof Certificate Management Tool

Prevalence of Counterfeit Certificates in Medical Device Industry

The Notified Bodies or European Community-authorized third-party legal entities are responsible for certificate issuance. The purpose of issuing these certificates is to perform a conformity check to determine the medical device industry’s compliance with the specific rules and standards and ensure a particular product’s safety. Therefore, before applying the CE mark on his product, the medical device manufacturer must get such a certificate from the Notified body.

However, there is always a surge in fake certificates’ issuance, especially during the crisis (for example, many counterfeit certificates were issued in April and May 2020 amid the Covid-19 pandemic). To enter the PPE and medical device market quickly, Chinese and Eastern manufacturers obtained these fake certificates without following the proper regulatory path. This confusing situation led to delay in the deliveries of properly manufactured medical devices. European Community and ESF also issued several; alerts in this regard.

Counterfeit certificates remain a big problem for the European medical device industry without a proper solution to counter-check these activities.

Alysidia’s Solution to Counterfeit Problems

To counter this problem, Alysidia has an effective system of “Certificate-management-tool.” This tool allows the safe storage of certificates of any kind into a database. This database is blockchain-backed and makes these certificates tamper-proof and immutable.

Salient Features of Alysidia’s e-Certificate Platform
  • Contains download feature
  • Provides certificate storage on the blockchain
  • Is user-friendly and cloud-based Azure application
  • Provides revision management with audit trail on the blockchain
  • Has a certificate approval management with Blockchain Audit Trail
  • Has an attractive dashboard that allows an accessible review of certificate status and statistics
  • Only authorized users are allowed to load up or making changes in the verified certificates
  • A general user can easily access the stored certificate by searching in the search bar or QR scan.

Reach out to us and Experience an Unforgettable Blockchain Experience!

Security is a must feature for every medical device supply chain in Europe. Alysidia is already helping many industries from the medical device sector adopt its systematic and secure blockchain solutions. You can also avail of our service to become more compliant with EU regulations. Contact us today at to get your blockchain solutions.


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