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E2E Encryption - Why is it Important for Medical Devices? - Alysidia

April 22, 20210

What is E2E Encryption?

E2E (End-to-End) encryption is a communication system. By using E2E, two parties can communicate with each other, i.e., send and receive messages without fear of their conversation being hacked or stolen by the hackers, telecom service providers, communication service provider, or their internet service providers. Only those two parties engaged in communication with each other can get a complete understanding of each other’s messages.

Is HTTPS Compatible with E2E in Security?

The HTTPS protocol is an expansion of HTTP and has been in use for a long time. It helps secure the link or provide a channel for communicating over a medium, such as an internet. HTTPS also offers protection over a computer network. It primarily comprises Transport Layer Security (TLS), or its previous version, Secure Socket Layer (SSL). In contrast to HTTPS, E2E encryption is designed mainly for providing privacy to two peers. However, both of these systems perform the primary task of providing security to their users when using the internet.

Does HTTPS Provide Fool-proof Security to the Internet Users?

HTTPS is designed in such a way that it provides security to the surfer on the actual link or transport. But as indicated by IT security experts, HTTPS remains vulnerable to different forms of internet scams, e.g., phishing. It is also becoming evident that HTTPS will not withstand the force of sophisticated hacking techniques that are becoming prevalent day by day.

How is E2E Better than HTTPS?

On the contrary, E2E provides additional security when it comes to protecting the information of internet users in the following ways:

Providing Complete Peer-to-Peer Privacy

E2E encryption ensures that only the parties engaged in communication with each other are capable of decoding each other’s messages. These messages can include documents, chats, and any additional information that is shared.

Preventing Tampering of the Shared Information

Several standards define the security and integrity of shared information in E2E encryption.  One such means is the Elliptic Curve Integrated Encryption Scheme (ECIES). ECIES helps in performing public key cryptography and enables the intended recipient to validate the communications’ contents. ECIES is not limited to payload encryption only. It also sends a message (or a cryptogram) that contains a validation mechanism. The receiving party can use this validation mechanism to determine whether the message has been tampered with or not.

How does ECIES Function?

The working of ECIES comprises of several steps. A peer-to-peer conversation between two parties, for example, A and B, will constitute the following steps:

  • A will use B’s public key to derive a secret encryption key. This encryption key is known as Message Authentication Code (MAC)
  • A will then encrypt this secret encryption key using a symmetric cipher (e.g., AES)
  • A will then generate MAC for the message
  • A will then send the derived secret, encrypted payload, and MAC to party B
  • B will then use the derived secret sent to it by A for decrypting the encrypted payload
  • B will then of MAC to validate whether the contents have tampered with or not.

Importance of ECIES

Internet security systems such as ECIES prevent the users from facing any dangerous attacks. Such systems ensure security not only at the sending end but also at the receiving end. These software systems also protect private keys and prevent tampering of the received and stored information. For an organization in today’s technological era, it is vital to utilize the best internet security options available on the market.

Looking forward to More Secure Ways of Communication?

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